Where is weed legal and to what extent?


Twenty-three states in the USA have made it legal to use or poses marijuana in permissible quantities. Some other states permit the usage of cannabidiol (CBD) alone, though. It is just one major ingredient of marijuana. Washington DC is where it all begum in the year 1998. The road towards a new journey was followed by Oregon, Maine and then the other states eventually like Nevada, Hawaii, California, Alaska, and last but not the least Colorado. Latest states to legalese were Minnesota and Maryland, which happened just last year. Still, you are permitted to have up to 15 plants all until now only in the state of Washington DC. 24 ounces is permitted for storage. It means, you can call it to be a stoner’s paradise, quite clearly.

Slightly better is Oregon where you can have usable marijuana up to a maximum of about 24 ounces, but permitted to have 24 plants per house. Matured of immature plants does not matter in these states while there are some other states that emphasize on the sub category as well. For instance, you are permitted to have four immature and three mature plants alone in the state of Nevada.

More states are showing keen inclination towards legalizing marijuana eventually. Categorically, if you are permitting weed alone out of the comparable other substances in the market, the ganja farming is to dramatically increase by far. It could become hard to pose enough control over the remote areas of the country to keep monitoring for crimes. Stoners will be delighted to dedicate more time towards emptying their mind as often as they could do so. It is one way of encouraging addiction in the healthy communities. It can increase the tax revenue for the government but certainly, legalization is not going to help the upbringing of a healthier society by any means whatsoever.