Fast facts about pros and cons of smoking weed


Cannabis sativa is one of the different species that is available in the United States of America that can be orally consumed along with ethanol in optimal amounts. You can choose to have it with lipids too. The major advantage in consuming the cannabis sativa in this way is that you lose body fat with regular intake of the herb. Physiological changes that it effects in the digestive system is the reason for reduced appetite that induces weight loss over a period. Some other forms of the weed, like sinsemilla, as well as the hashish, and the hash oil are used in the medicines manufacturing industry quite extensively.

Possible medical benefits of smoking weed

Either to speed up the time of recovery in case of some ailments or to be a cure, by itself, smoking weed can be of best help, as per the recent studies.

  • Increased pressure caused because of so many reasons in the eye ball, can be decreased to a certain extent by smoking weed
  • Vision loss and partial or complete blindness can be avoided with the use of marijuana in that way.
  • Smoking weed reduces the eye pressure
  • Even though the reason is not figured out precisely as of yet, there is certainly best results noticed in many cases, as per the research study and reports.
  • In addition, blood pressure is reduced when you smoke weed. The reason is not identified even now though. You cannot use it to be a reliable therapy though. It is because, when the body gets used to the dosage over a period then the same results cannot be expected.
  • To alleviate pain in the body and to reduce the stress in the mind, weed smoking helps a lot because of the THC contained in it, as per the expert’s opinions. Hundreds of years of usage of weed for this purpose and to treat cancer pain, is well known to so many communities in different parts of the world.


  1. Varying degrees of euphoria, that can be ranging from feelings that create general well-being, and comfortless to endless or pointless laughter
  2. In some case, we notice Varying degrees of paranoia too, Even there is anxiety disorder noticed in some users
  3. Due Respect for music and overwhelming respect for other arts
  4. Overwhelming Relaxation or stress buster
  5. Sometimes, you can catch up with Mild, or temporary dry mouth issues too
  6. Mild tachycardia
  7. Assumptions about specific Meditative states of mind
  8. Relatively Induced specific sense of novelty
  9. Relatively Increased specific sensations
  10. Increased or decreased specific sexual pleasure
  11. Increased specific mental activity
  12. Increased awareness of specific patterns and colors
  13. Increased craving for food
  14. Gains or losses of some inhibitions
  15. Enhancements of many other drug or narcotic effects such as methanol, ethanol, Ecstasy, or other types of alcohol, tobacco, heroin, or something like cocaine etc.,