How Do I Stop My Lungs From Hurting?


Deep chesty inhalation of nicotine filled cigarette smoke results in quick absorption of the poisonous nicotine into the lungs - the nicotine then diffuses itself into the blood as rapidly as the beneficially inhaled oxygen. From the lungs the nicotine reaches the brain in less than 10 seconds. Nicotine is known to stimulates the adrenal glands and in doing so prompts the release of epinephrine plus nor epinephrine, which are considered somewhat responsible for increasing heart rate and the blood pressure in the smoker. It is estimated that approximately one-third of all cancer deaths worldwide occur due to tobacco.

Active smoking and exposure to environmental tobacco smoke are believed to account for 90 percent of all cases of lung cancer. Smokers suffer from many respiratory diseases other than lung cancer. Smoking has long been recognized as a major risk factor in cardiovascular disease.

Children bodies are especially susceptible, when breathed in, to the effects of any close environmental cigarette smoke. When raised in a household in which they are regularly exposed to environmental tobacco smoke, children are especially likely to suffer from asthma and chronic cough, and they may suffer from reduced lung growth and function. It has been stated that females who smoke are more likely to experience the effects of infertility, miscarriage or worse.

Whenever a mother to be smokes, some toxins via the lungs enter into the pregnant woman’s bloodstream and poisons from the smoke can easily be passed directly to the fetus. Once the infant has absorbed these toxins into their body they can negatively affect an infant’s lung development and lung function as they grow. Babies of women who smoke are more likely to be born prematurely, to have a low birth weight, and to have slower initial growth.

Hence if you quit smoking now, it can help you live longer and be healthier. It lowers the risk of lung cancer, other cancers, heart attack, stroke, and chronic lung disease and you can enjoy a higher quality of life. Remove your ashtrays forever. Stop smoking.