Tips For Minimizing Side Effects


Smoking is a bad habit, and everyone who engages in this activity knows that it is unhealthy and carries many risks. Quitting is not easy to do though, and you may have tried and failed in this goal in the past. Most of those who are eventually successful will require more than one attempt because of the nicotine withdrawal symptoms and other factors involved. The benefit of exercise during smoking cessation efforts is well documented. One of the most effective tips is to schedule a work out regimen or exercise program before you make an attempt to stop, and include activities that you enjoy.

Water is another great way to minimize any cravings that you have and help your tissues detoxify even faster. Eliminating any residue from tobacco is the first step to eliminating the cravings that you have for these products. As long as these substances are in your body they will trigger cravings and increase the risk that you will relapse. When you drink at least 64 ounces of water every day you will be cleaned out in a shorter period.

If you try to stay busy you will think about tobacco less, and will experience fewer cravings and side effects as well. Keep your hands and your mind busy, because they are both involved in this addiction. You will also want to consider ways to keep your mouth occupied without increasing your calorie intake substantially. This will minimize any weight gain that you experience.

Get enough sleep every night. This may seem difficult to do because when you quit a common problem is insomnia, and you may lie awake at night thinking about the habit and wanting to take it back up again. Relaxation techniques like deep breathing, meditation, and others may help you relax before bed so that you can drop off easier. The more stress you are under the less likely it is that you will get a sound sleep. Many schedule regular exercise every day to relieve stress and help promote sound sleep patterns.

Gum, hard candy, and other oral products can help you keep your mouth occupied. This helps you avoid cravings and will substitute for the cigarette that used to be in your mouth, and can be highly effective at minimizing some unpleasant symptoms. These items can also help avoid dry mouth or any unpleasant taste that can occur from withdrawal symptoms. Many find that holding a pencil or using lollipops also helps them keep their hands busy at the same time.