What does meth do to your body?


Meth is the drug that is responsible for creating false and virtual world for the users. Meth and crystal meth creates the feeling of well being and brings energy to the user. This results into the pushing of body by the user in a faster pace. This is the reason that the drug users experience the crash in their mental and physical terms and it breaks down the user. The drug effects very badly to the body of the user. The mental and physical strength of the user is broken down by the intake of the meth drug. The drug remains in the body for 6 to 8 hours and maximum up to 24 hours.

Short term effects of meth

As the meth drug creates the false and virtual world the continuous usage of the drug takes the users away from the natural world and the natural feelings. The natural feelings such as hunger are not experienced by the continuous users of meth. The drug also results into continuous weight loss of the user. Some negative effects on the health includes disturbance in the sleep patterns, nausea, reduction of power, hyperactivity and too much of aggressiveness. There are some others serious effects of the meth drug such as confusion, anxiety, insomnia, paranoia and many other. Sometimes too much intake of meth also results into death of the user. The body temperature of the person who intakes the meth drug changes constantly. The person with continuous intake of meth drug faces changes in the behavior and becomes violent by nature.What does meth do to your body

Long term effects of meth

In long term use of meth drug causes some harmful effects that are irreversible. They cause increase in heart rate and the blood pressure. It also damages the blood vessels of the brain which can lead to strokes. It also causes to have irregular heartbeat which leads to cardiovascular collapse and sometimes death. Lungs, kidney and liver are also damaged due to meth drug. Sometimes the meth drug also affects the brain and damages it like there can memory loss and also the ability to grasp thoughts is lost as the person always remains in the false world. Some people also recover from the memory loss but still they remain with the memory gaps and mood swings. Destruction is caused in the nose tissues and if the meth drug is taken in form of smoking then it also affects the respiratory system. The body faces malnutrition and there is continuous loss in weight of the drug taker. Teeth are also affected in long term.