What is meth made of?


Meth is the nickname of Methamphetamine. It is a stimulant which is highly addictive and is very powerful. The meth drug is harmful to body as it affects the central nervous system directly. It is s man made chemical. It is different from cocaine as it comes from a plant and meth is produced by humans. It creates a false feeling of well being and happiness for the person using it. The meth drug takes the person to a different world and makes them feel like they are full of energy.

What is included in meth?

Meth is illegal for use. It was earlier used legally in some of the medication and weigh loss treatments in smaller amounts. The meth drug is dangerous if it is taken in huge amounts. It is usually prepared in hidden laboratories and is generated illegally. A drug amphetamine and other derivatives are mixed with some chemicals. When these things are mixed the potency of the drug increases. There are some common pills that are used with the help of production of this drug. The cook of meth drug extracts the ingredients from those pills and adds chemicals such as drain cleaner, anti freeze, battery acid and lantern fuel to increase the strength of the drug.

The chemicals used in the production of meth drug are highly explosive. The ,eth cooks are also the drug users ad so sometimes it happens that they get burnt and sometimes killed when the preparation of the drug gets exploded. The explosions are not small but they are huge and also affect the nearby homes and buildings. When the meth drug is produced the laboratories also produce a huge amount of waste. When 1 pound of meth is produced it also produces 5 pounds of toxic waste. The waste produced is very poisonous and also makes the person nearby sick.