How long does THC stay in your system



The effect of marijuana THC stay in your system lasts for a longer period of time and you find yourself out of control sometimes. So there is a question, how long the marijuana stays inside the system? You will find this question all over the Internet and it is an important fact to know if you are willing to have a drug test.

The first thing one should be knowing is that if you are not having the experiencing the high or effects of marijuana in your system, you still have it inside the system. It is not that higher amount of marijuana present in the body but it is the THC, which is an active chemical present in the body.

How to get hold of THC?

It is a very simple process to get hold of THC through some of the tests like hair, urine, blood and some point of time the saliva. The variation of the time period of THC stay in your system can be detected with the help of standard hair, urine or saliva.

The tests surprise people a lot. Now if we talk about the saliva test, the marijuana present in it escapes at a very fast rate. So you couldn’t detect it very easily and the time period is a very long one. So if you test marijuana after having it within an hour, you can detect it very easily. Marijuana leaves the saliva within 12 hours and simultaneously the drug test fails.

When you do urine tests, you will find their lies a huge difference compared to the THC stay in your system detected. The amount of marijuana consumed makes the difference and it stays in the urine for forty-five days. The ones who consume marijuana on a daily basis can expect to have positive drug tests for more than three weeks if the person leaves the habit.

The ones, who have taken it for the first time, should not be worried to get a negative drug test. If the urine is being tested, they will still find it to be positive from a week or after few days. It can only be detected after you have consumed it and the test is being done right after two to five hours.

Effects of THC

Though the THC stay in your system has left the urine and saliva, the THC still remains inside the system, it can be found in the hair follicles. When a person takes in drug, it goes into the bloodstream. The question might come that how the drug enters into the hair? The hair gets nourish with the help of the blood present in your body.

Now if the blood gets infected with the drug, the hair is being trapped with the drug and grows accordingly. So when the hair is cut after a week of drug use, naturally the drug is found. All the hairs present on your body contain the drug. The effect is that it deteriorates the hair in your body and marijuana can be easily detected from it. If compare to urine tests, it is more accurate than the hair test for THC stay in your system.