What does meth smell like?


Meth is a dangerous drug that controls the central nervous system and creates false feeling of happiness and well being for the user. It makes the person feel like he is full of energy. It is highly addictive and if meth is taken continuously then the tolerance level of meth drug increases i.e. the person starts taking higher doses of the drug and also starts desiring more. It is said that meth becomes addictive from the first time it is taken. Meth is produced by humans and it is developed using many chemicals and so it has stout smell.

Meth smell from users

Meth is produced with many non biodegradable chemicals and production of meth also produces many toxic wastes. The chemicals used in production of meth are never necessary for the body and are dumped into the excretory system. The person taking meth has a body odor of chemicals as the chemicals used in drug come out in form of sweat. The odor of meth from person’s body is similar to ammonia and vinegar. The users who take the meth drug are likely to not take shower for long time which worsens their body odor. Those who continuously intake meth drug remain n a false world and so they do not consider showering which makes the odor irresistible.What does meth smell like

Meth smell in lab

The lab where the meth drug is cooked gives a clear picture of smell of meth. The ingredients used in production if meth are legal and are household chemicals which are available easily. When the chemicals are mixed it emits a powerful toxic and a powerful smell and also develops huge amount of toxic waste. The meth labs smell like lighter fluid, ammonia, auto parts cleaner and like the rotten eggs i.e. it smells bad. The highly inflammable chemicals are mixed and meth drug is prepared which leads to a bad odor of meth.