What is crystal meth?


Crystal meth is short form of crystal methamphetamine. It is a form of drug methamphetamine. It is a white crystalline drug which is taken by inhaling through nose, inform of injection or smoking. It can also be taken orally. The drug creates the strong desire and takes you to the virtual world of happiness and well being. It includes the strong feeling of hyper activeness and energy and also builds confidence till the time the drug is taken. The decrease in appetite is also experienced. The effects of the drug usually last from 6 to 8 hours but sometimes it also last till 24 hours.

Effects of crystal meth

When the crystal meth is taken for the first time the experience gives pleasure but actually its starts destroying the life from that point itself. Crystal meth is taken by individuals of all age. It is very commonly used as the club drug which is inhaled during the party at night clubs and at the rave parties. Crystal meth starts acting as the stimulant which begins to destroy the body slowly and in systematic manner. It is very dangerous and can be considered as poison. When crystal meth is taken continuously it results into serious health conditions such as aggression, memory loss, damage in heart and brain and psychotic behavior. Crystal meth is very poisonous and it burns the resources of the body and it prompts the user to take more and more drug. It is reported that crystal meth is highly addictive and people get addicted to it from the very first use of it.

Crystal meth is highly dangerous as it affects the body in severe ways and sometime too much of intake of crystal meth can lead to death. It gives the false feeling of well being and energy which is not at all real.