How long does cocaine stay in your urine


Now if you want to know the time period of cocaine stay in your urine, cannot be determined easily. It depends on some factors, which should be cleared at first and then you will come to know about the time period. It depends on how much cocaine you have taken, whether you take cocaine daily or not and many more. So the question is really a tricky one. Well, you will come to know about it on the below discussion.

Cocaine effect

It experiments that cocaine stay in your urine for days; cocaine having the metabolites stays in the system of your body for a longer period of time. The production of metabolite occurs due to the presence of cocaine. With the help of the cocaine, the metabolites produced in the body can stay in the urine for few weeks. The drug can stay in the bloodstream for seventy-two hours. In most of the cases, metabolites are being searched. It is benzoylecgonine, which is produced by the body due to cocaine; it stays for thirty days if the person is a frequent user of cocaine.

In the hair follicles, the drug stays for years. Cocaine can be detected very easily and it spreads all over the body. The process of detecting the time of drug use becomes very much difficult. There are different factors on which the cocaine stay in your urine depends on.

  • It depends on how much you have consumed cocaine.
  • The strength or power of cocaine taken.
  • It depends on the health condition of the person.
  • It takes into account how frequently a person takes in cocaine.
  • It also depends on the age and sex.
  • The metabolism rate is also taken into account.
  • The drug tolerance a person could have.


According to the research work and experiment, it is found that the cocaine in the urine stays for six long weeks. Many people have found over the Internet that it stays for five days or so. So it is really a difficult task to take into consideration and answer the question about how long the cocaine stay in the urine.

In order to have an answer to this question you will have to do a urine test and you will find that it stays for around four to five days, whereas the cocaine tests for hairs tell you about the drugs for years. So you can get various treatments on cocaine, do a bit of research work and you will get to know about it.