Chinese Acupuncture May Help to Quit Smoking


Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese method of pain relief and medical treatment; it is in fact over 3,000 years old. This method utilizes extremely thin, disposable needles to activate certain pressure points to achieve the desired effect. Part of the reason people seek acupuncture to quit smoking is to relax the while the body works to produce certain chemicals and flush out harmful toxins. These chemicals that the body creates can give the smoker the same euphoric feeling they normally get from smoking.

The Procedure

Generally speaking, acupuncture to quit smoking therapy is given over four or more sessions a few days apart. In each session, the patient will have the acupuncture needles placed into the skin in strategic locations in the hands, forearms and ears. These needles are left in place for thirty minutes, up to an hour. At the insertion point patients sometimes feel a dull ache or slight pain; the pain is said to last only seconds if any is experienced at all. The acupuncture to quit smoking therapy is said to be so relaxing that many patients have fallen asleep during treatments.

In addition to the therapy itself, some holistic healers will also give herbal remedies to help deal with mood and general wellness. These herbs are thought to keep the smoker motivated to quit smoking. When choosing a holistic healer to perform the acupuncture to quit smoking it is important to choose a reputable company. Before scheduling an appointment, ask for a tour of the facility, ensure that proper sanitation methods are being carried out, and review their company policies concerning follow up care. It is also important to consult a regular doctor to ensure acupuncture is a safe procedure for you to undergo.

Does it Work?

There is no medical evidence to suggest that acupuncture works; however many individuals claim to have great success with acupuncture to quit smoking. It is not officially recognized by the medical community as an effective therapy to treat, aid, or cure any condition. There are many people who use acupuncture for a wide array of ailments from migraine headaches to weight loss.

The real deciding factor as to how likely acupuncture to quit smoking will work is how committed the person is. Nearly all reported successes stories are by people who were seriously committed to quit smoking, most of whom had tried other methods without any success. For long term success it is recommended that people, who choose to use acupuncture to quit smoking, continue to use the herbal medications until any withdrawal symptoms cease.