Does smoking weed kill brain cells?


Weed is well known and criticized for its capability to damage the brain cells and other brain functions. The weed harms the functions such as memory, learning and many more. It has always been claimed that weed is harmful but now the scientist have decided to remove the claim and prove that weed does not harm the brain cells. Many studies have been performed and some show that it harms the development of brain in teenagers and some say that it does not affect the brain of some people. Various factors are considered when weed is considered. The amount of wed inhaled, the frequency, age, etc are considered. Some studies say that even large amounts of weed are taken then also it does not affect the brain. The bad effects of weed are more emphasized so that the teenagers keep away from it. Weed damages the brain cells in teenagers and causes problems such as learning, memory problems in the teenagers. It also results into bad performance of students.

Smoking weed kills brain cells

When weed is taken in form of smoking it is 5 times harmful than the normal tobacco is smoked. This proves that it is harmful to the body ad have adverse effects on the body. It also affects the brain cells amongst the teenagers and so it is illegal to use. The weed is a powerful drug that contains THC and other 60 chemicals which are harmful to the body. The THC has the capability to damage the development of brain. When weed is used by teenagers it affects their memory and learning power badly. This indicates that intake of weed harms the brain cells. People claim that it does not harm the brain cells then why there is a need to ban the use of weed. It is banned indicates that it harms the brain cells and should not be taken especially by teenagers.