Does the Quit Smoking Patch Seem Expensive?


If you’ve tried going cold turkey but it doesn’t seem to work, then it may mean you need to taper off the nicotine levels in your system before you can finally say good bye. The quit smoking patches on the market like Nicoderm CQ deliver nicotine to your body in small doses right through the skin without the added disadvantage of inhaling burnt paper as well as afflicting others around you with the detrimental effects of second hand smoke.

Saving Money

Many of us have heard about the quit smoking patch but at around $35 for one box it seems a little pricey. The fact is it is not. If you just think about the number of cigarette packets it is replacing and hopefully will replace, it is actually saving you money! To save even more you can sign up online or buy from eBay coupons worth up to $10 for Nicoderm and the like. Wait a while for it to go on sale at a drug or grocery store and voila, you have pocketed some neat savings while on the way to a healthier you.

If this is not enough try the store brand equivalents of the quit smoking patch, they are all approved by the FDA and offer you basically the same patch minus the brand name price tag. The quit smoking patch has been medically proven to help with withdrawal symptoms and cigarette cravings and is therefore a very good investment in the short and long run. Do not compare a pack of the quit smoking patch with single pack of cigarettes. Compare apples to apples and the see how many cigarettes you will not be smoking by applying one patch. The math will become much simpler and your mind clear that it is not expensive.

Sometimes the psychology of actually having spent money on something helps in achieving the goal. If you just go cold turkey, you may slip and go back to smoking. But perhaps if you tell yourself that you have purchased a quit smoking patch kit for an x amount of money, you may just give it a chance to work and most probably it will

Other Alternatives

If the quit smoking patch doesn’t seem to suit you or it is irritating your skin when you apply it or take it off, try other nicotine replacements like nicotine gum such as Nicorette or lozenges. They basically work on the same premise but may at the same time give your mouth something to do instead of puffing away at another cigarette.