Every Smoker Is Ecstatic After They Quit Smoking


Kicking an addiction is challenging, and breaking a habit can be arduous. Smoking is both an addiction and a habit, so you can put two and two together and imagine what it is like trying to quit. The answer is that anyone who quits smoking has just performed a challenging and exemplary feat, and should be ecstatic.

Most smokers cannot quit smoking the first time they try. Most have to go through some kind of process three or four times before they can kick the addiction and break the habit. Those smokers that do quit have something to celebrate. Each and everyone should be proud of themselves. Their city and state should give them some kind of reward. Their families will probably celebrate with them because they will know that their loved one has accomplished a difficult task.

Smokers Have Extra Money After They Quit Smoking

A smoker that is able to quit will certainly have extra money to spend. They probably should treat the whole family to a special event to celebrate because the whole family will benefit. In most places, cigarettes cost as much as four dollars a pack. Anyone who smokes a pack of cigarettes a day will save over a thousand dollars a year after they quit smoking.

A European will have even more money because cigarettes cost even more in Europe. Smokers are not just saving moolah on the cost of cigarettes. They will save on dental and medical bills as well, for they will not have to have their teeth cleaned frequently or their lungs checked periodically. After they quit smoking, people will have extra money to spend, and this should make them proud.

Every Smoker Feels Great After They Quit Smoking

The effects of smoking build up over time so many smokers do not realize that they will feel so much better after they quit smoking. Their lungs will start to clear up very soon after they quit smoking. The lungs will not clear completely for some time, but every day they will clear a little bit more. Soon after they quit smoking, people will experience some withdrawal symptoms such as restlessness and irritability. This shall pass; these will quickly disappear over time. Smokers will soon see that they have greater stamina after they quit smoking. If they avoided hills on their walks while a smoker, they will not have to do this after they quit smoking. Smokers who kick the habit will have greater energy to do many activities.