How is meth made?


Meth is also known as methamphetamine and crystal meth. It is a highly addictive drug that controls the central nervous system. It is not extracted from plants and so it is not natural. Meth is produced by humans i.e. it is artificially produced by mixing some chemicals and toxics. Meth is produced form the chemicals and toxic materials that can harm the person and can sometimes also case to death when it is inhaled in higher amounts. Meth is taken in many forms like it can be inhaled, smoked, snorted or ingested. There are any different formulas for creating meth. Production of meth is illegal and is developed in laboratories. Meth was used in smaller quantities in the weight loss treatments and some medications. Meth can be produced in various ways but the basic ingredients remain the same.

Ingredients for meth production

There are number of ingredients used in the production of meth which are highly toxic. Acetone is used in met production which is usually found in the paint thinners and the nail polish removers and it is highly inflammable. Lithium is used in batteries and it is also used in development of meth drug. A solvent, toluene, which is used as fuel additive in nail polish, brake cleaner and paint thinners is also an ingredient of meth drug. Pseudoephedrine which is used in cold medications is an ingredient of meth. Hydrochloric acid is and mineral acid that is corrosive used to remove the rust from steel. Red phosphorus in explosives like matchboxes and road flares is also used in meth drug. Some of the other ingredients used are sulphuric acid which is found in drain cleaners, lantern fuel, Ether that is found in starting fluid, antifreeze, sodium hydroxide used in drain cleaners and iodine crystals. The main ingredients in the production of meth are cold and antihistamine medications i.e. pseudoephedrine and ephedrine.