How long does alcohol stay in your blood?


Alcohol is something which can stay in our blood for a long period of time. Before determining how long alcohol does stay in your blood what is more crucial in understanding what are the factors determining its residues. They are:

  • The age and weight of tAhe person consuming the alcohol.
  • Your gender that is whether you are a male or female.
  • The strength and type of the alcohol being consumed.
  • If the person is taking medication along with the alcohol.
  • The metabolic rate of the person or how fast the body of the individual can digest food.

How long does alcohol stay in your blood?

As mentioned above the strength of alcohol plays a major role in this regard. To simplify it further 250 ml of wine will take about two to three hours to be broken down in the blood. If you drink at night and drink more than three units the alcohol traces can still be found the next day in your blood.

The above fact implies that if you drive after drinking the previous day your alcohol content may exceed the limit stipulated under law. This showing that alcohol takes a good amount of time to break up in the blood.

Health tips on consuming the alcohol

It is crucial to determine the alcohol amount you will be consuming it is strongly suggested that you avoid consuming too much alcohol. The easiest tips would be firstly to ensure that you do not drink alcohol regularly more than about 14 units and secondly if you want to drink alcohol spread it over two to three days so that you do not exceed the limit.

Tests for determining alcohol content

Some of the tests for determining the alcohol content are:

  • Saliva test.
  • EtG test.
  • Passing alcohol test.
  • Breathing test.