How long does marijuana stay in your system


The ability to pass a marijuana test is something many Americans would have loved to pass up. From employees who get tested by potential employers to those who get random tests by existing employers. Even with the recent changes in the law to allow for the use of medical marijuana and the legalization of recreational marijuana in some states all over the country many organizations still resort to drug tests more than before. And among the number one drugs to be tested is marijuana.

Many employers do not conduct the tests themselves. They have drug test labs to do the tests as a way of maintaining credibility. As the person taking the test you will be given an address of the lab you will go for your test and what time your test is scheduled for. The test will be carried out by a lab technician from the identified lab. In certain cases however, you could have the test conducted at your organization. This time the lab technician will be brought to the office to carry out the test.

Some organizations that still have small operations and may be still be building itself will opt to go the economic way. They will buy test kits that staff members will use to self administer the drug tests.

How many ways will weed show

The most common way of determining if you have recently taken drugs is by doing a urinalysis. This is where they basically test the level of THC in your urine. Other ways that THC levels may be determined is by removing some of your hair, testing your blood or even a saliva test. The most preferred method being the urinalysis because THC will present in urine for a longer time compared to the other areas.

How long does marijuana stay in your system

If you are not a regular weed user or maybe it was your first time to take weed, the test will come up positive when it is done between one and six days. If you are a moderate user who takes weeds irregularly say once or twice a month the test may come up positive if it is done between seven and thirteen days. A frequent user who consumes weed probably on a daily or weekly basis will test positive for weed when the test is conducted after 15 or more days. While a heavy user who smokes weed more than once a day will still test positive for up to 30 days or more after smoking.

In fact there are those who are heavy weed smokers who have reported testing positive between 45 and 90 days after quitting the drug.

When you have a saliva test done, you will test positive for the drug one hour after consuming it. While THC will only last up to 12 hours after use after which there may be no trace. Another way of finding out how long weed will stay in your system is by doing a hair drug test. In this case THC will be present for up to seven days.

Because this will not necessarily mean that your test is positive it will just mean that your sample will not be accepted and you might be rescheduled for another test.

If this test is however being carried out by employer you will have raised some flags on your character even if you get to pass the test in future. What you probably need to know is that weed is legally accepted as a recreational drug in three states: Colorado, Alaska and Washington. However, medicinal marijuana is approved for use in up to 20 states in America. But despite its legal status you should keep in mind that marijuana also carries with it certain risks to your health when taken over a long period of time. You could consider looking at some of the risks and see if you are prone to some of them.

If you feel that you need to detox first consider your motivation to do so and find out whether the method you choose is actually viable. If not maybe you should go back to the drawing board for better results. Simple activities like jogging, walking or taking fluids should be your starting point.

For how long will weed stay in the system

There are findings that show that weed can be flushed out of the system using natural cleansing methods. You can also achieve this through exercise or diet and in almost one month you will be back to good health and a decent shape for bonus. You should be able to get a dieting menu or even a cleansing plan from your medical practitioner. While undergoing cleansing it is important that you totally abstain from using weed so as not to regress.

It is in some extreme scenarios where you find that weed can stay in the system for over four months. This largely depends on the body fat and toxin level which also differs from one individual to the next. If let us say you weigh more than 200 pounds or maybe you have a higher percentage of body fat it can take longer for you to cleanse your system when compared to someone who weighs less and has a lower body fat percentage.

Weed can actually test positive from your hair sample when it is done between six and twelve months but normally labs will test the sample for the last 90 days worth of hair that has grown in the period when testing for THC. What you should probably know is that labs will not use hair as a testing sample if the hair on your head is too short. Marijuana tests are becoming more common and mandatory and especially for the better paying jobs or those jobs that carry more responsibilities. If you know you are looking for one of these jobs then you need to start cleansing quite early so as not to lose your dream job.