How to cure weed to get that perfection in the blending?


Curing weed needs patience. Art of curing marijuana is something that is complicated to learn compared to mastering the art of growing marijuana. Glass jars are used to do the curing process. Choose the jars that are not transparent like the bigger beer bottles so that the jars that you use are free from the big temperature variations. Before you start to cure, make sure that you have dried the marijuana properly.

Buds of marijuana must be filled up to the brim of the jar, so that you expel all the air out. Just little air alone is needed to bring in that aerobic bacteria to work on the stuff, with little bit moisture left inside. This is how the buds consumer chlorophyll during the curing process, to make sure that you get smoothness while burning this high-grade stuff. It is this way you get more taste on the pallet, with least harshness on the throat while smoking the weed.

The trick here in the curing process is just the optimal moisture and air permitted inside the jar, as per the density of the buds. This can be learnt only with experience though. Anything in excess or low can affect the quality of the weed accordingly. Best-cured weeds are costlier just for this reason in any market.

29$ is the price of 1/8th of an ounce of well-cured marijuana as sold in the streets of Washington state. Medical cannabis would cost you somewhere around 71$ for the same amount of weed and it could be slightly lesser in the retail stores to buy weed legally in limited quantities. With that said, if you are still interested in knowing how much does an ounce of weed cost in the other states, then typically there are no valid authentic data available as of yet, as the legalization is not approved even as of yet.