How to make weed cookies quickly?


Crippling chip weed cookies can surely delight the interests of your mates that turn out for a birthday party or wedding party or some kind of festivities and fiestas. With you being the host, considering some of the amazing treats to the guests that turn out, weed cookies are a wonderful option. Quarter cup of granulated sugar, half a cup of brown sugar, 5 grams of baking soda, half spoon salt, half a cup of special pot butter and half of cup of flour, are the major ingredients that you will need to make the weed cookies.

375 degrees of preheated oven is kept ready to mix the sugar, egg and butter in a bowl and keep it inside. You need to bake it in the oven for about 12 minutes or so. Do not forget to add enough salt, baking soda and flour as needed in the mixture. Make one-inch balls out out of the mixture. Keep it inside the oven with spaces left in between the balls. Eventually when you find it to be ready to be distributed to the guests, test the tastes on your own, to find out the right blend. If everything is perfect then you can serve it to your mates immediately. Yummy starters like the weed cookies can kindle the interests in each one to make the most out of the party or event or special occasion of celebration. Soon they start to rock and overall, you can enjoy the lively moments of the party along with your beloved friends and family members.

The best part about the recipe here is that you can be getting at least 20 cookies per 12 minutes with a single oven of the standard size. When you know pretty well on how to make weed cookies of the most delicious kind, then you can open up a blog of your own, and start to sell in online to different other parts of the city where you are living. There is huge demand for the commodity amidst the youth women out there in particular. Most of the college students out there in the Californian communities, and some parts of Oregon are used to the weed candies and weed cookies in particular. They assume it one of the most enticing, crispy food choices when they hang out with their mates.

Making weed cookies is not a tough task though. Yet, to make it to right tastes, right flavor, right blend, and to sell it for the affordable costs, will matter the most for the consumers. Most of the buyers are not interested to pay you higher prices for these items though. Therefore, you need to strike a perfect balance here for optimal quality offered at affordable prices to lure in the attraction of the majority out there. For that, you can compromise on the manufacturing standards, without compromising on the tastes, and the smoothness for the buyers to enjoy the fabulous taste when the cookies melt down the palette.