How to quit smoking weed?


As you all know that weed is a harmful drug that has the strong capabilities of damaging the brains. Weed contains the THC components that are harmful to the body and it stops the development of brain. It easily gets mixed into blood stream within minutes of taking weed and reaches the brain. If teenagers take weed regularly then they will face problems such as attention, memory loss and other brain problems. It is possible to quit smoking weed in different ways. You should quit weed.

Ways to quit weed

There are ways that can help in quitting smoking weed which are listed below.

  1. Strong will power

If you really want to quit smoking weed then you need to stop it. People believe that weed is no addictive but scientists have proved that as weed contains THC it metabolizes the body and have the addictive properties when it is smoked frequently. When someone tries to quit smoking weed some withdrawal symptoms are experienced such as depression, anxiety, etc. Cannabis is a mood enhancer and so when we try to leave it becomes depressant for the person. So quitting weed depends on the will power of the person. A strong will power is needed that will stop the person from taking weed.

  1. Rehab

There are rehabilitation centers that help to quit smoking weed. If you have tried all other methods and did not find any success in quitting weed then rehabilitation center is the best decision.  The extreme cases of weed takers need rehab center for quitting smoking weed.  Weed kills your ambition, your future ans and your goals. Rehab center not only tries to quit weed but also tries to gain the confidence to live a natural life.How to quit smoking weed

  1. Medicines

You can consult a doctor and he will guide you with the medicine that helps you in quitting smoking weed. The doctors prescribe the anti depressants and other medicines that will help person to quit weed and also protect him from being depressed. There are many doctors who are not well trained abut treating the addiction issues especially in the case of weed. It is preferable to visit a physician with whom you have a friendly relationship so that he can suggest you a good prescription and also help you in the friendly manner. Don’t get disappointed when doctors are not able to answer your questions.

  1. Counseling

The doctors, licensed social workers do not have the formal knowledge of treating the addiction of weed. In case of treating addiction issues of weed it is very unfortunate that very less have the knowledge of treating the weed addiction. If you have enough money and time and health insurance then you should visit addiction counseling person. They will help you to solve all your problems and it is important that you choose the therapist very carefully.

  1. 12 step meeting

Marijuana Anonymous is a 12 step meeting and it has much information on the weed dependence. The strategy used has been beneficial to many of the people. They work almost similar to alcohol anonymous which is a 12 step program and this is a 12 step meeting. There are also online forums available that guide to take the 12 step meeting and help in quitting weed. The problem with 12 step meeting is that it has only 5 to 10 % of success rate which is very low and people consider it outdated and does not prefer to opt for it.

  1. Self guided program

All the other options listed above needs to spend money, time and have some side effects. So a self guided program can be opted where the beginning of quitting weed starts at the home, at your own time, without sending money and at your own pace. There is no need of the rehabilitation center and the 12 step meeting. There are any online guides available for quitting weed but the one which is most famous and has no negative feedback is use maximum. It has 60 day program with money back guarantee and is used by many. The price of the self guided program is less than the cost of weed and so it is up to you whether you want to invest on yourself o on weed. There are many people who opted for the investment n their own selves and are happy at present. The decision lies with the person whether he wants to quit it or not. The will power is really very important in quitting smoking weed.

 Weed is addictive but it is not impossible to quit it. There are various options available listed above that helps in quitting weed. You can choose the best option and atleast one of the options will work for you in quitting weed.