Is there any positive effects of weed?


In fact, the wide found belief that prevails since so many decades now, is that there are immense benefits associated with the habit of smoking weed. Ancestors might have believed so, when there was not advancements in the field of science & technology. We cannot do the same. Researchers suggest that marijuana is just a gateway to whole heap of problems in the human body, and can disrupt the health of the individual when smoked consistently in excessive amounts.

Contrary to that fact, there are reports coming in from different other authentic sources that even today admit the fact that there are many benefits in smoking weed in permissible amounts. They believe even that it is good for eyes and lungs, and to cut down weight.

As per the studies conducted by the university of Nebraska research team, smoking weed, only expanded the lung capacity without effecting on the lung functioning at all. It means, there is just gain and no loss when it comes to pulmonary system safety in the pot smokers. Benefits of smoking weed are still more though.

Most of the pot addicts are skinny. They lose weight easily. Activity levels are higher. Even  though there are so many cases that are exception to that fact, the general tendency is just that you tend to remain composed to do things steadily and calmly rather than rushing it, and do not keep on be munching one thing or the other. Weed smoking can cut down Type-II diabetes possibilities, depression and many more ailments.

Pressure inside the eyes is reduced when marijuana smoke is inhaled and this prevents problems like glaucoma in individuals that are deprived of Vitamin A. National eye institute reports from the USA conforms on this fact as one of the major benefits of smoking weed.