Quit Smoking Symptoms Will Go Away


Information on the dangers of smoking appears on television, in textbooks, and on the walls in the home of a smoker. The nicotine, tar and other harmful ingredients in cigarette smoke cause terrible effects on a smoker, their family and others in proximity to a smoker. Every informed person should know that smoking is dangerous to your health. The lungs become black as the harmful ingredients build up with every cigarette and the heart develops problems. Smoking is a habit and an addiction so it is very difficult to quit after even a few weeks of smoking.

The smoker drinks a cup of coffee or a bottle of beer and a cigarette becomes part of the activity. The smoker feels a need to have a cigarette after dinner and as soon as he or she rises in the morning. Many smokers have decided to quit, but they cannot do it. They sit down to have dinner, and as soon as they finish they take out their cigarette. Those who want to quit smoking develop symptoms that are difficult to overcome.

Smoking Symptoms Appear When a Smoker Quits

No matter how they try to convince themselves that this is a mistake, they cannot stop. The anxiety builds for the smoker worries about their health, and they work on kicking the habit. Some smokers that try to quit soon give up because they get unwanted symptoms. They are addicted to having nicotine in their bodies. Smokers experience a variety of quit smoking symptoms. One of the first quit smoking symptoms is the onset of headaches which will go away if they light up a cigarette. Smokers become depressed when they try to quit and cannot shake the depression for about four weeks or until they start smoking again. Smokers become irritable and sometimes families, who have begged their love one to quit, ask them to start again. They cannot stand an angry person in the household.

Quit Smoking Symptoms Are Formidable

Increased appetite is another quit smoking symptom, and many smokers continue to smoke so they will not gain weight. Usually this increased appetite continues for an extended period of time. Smokers who quit become restless and have trouble concentrating. This can cause problems at work or at school. Smokers are deterred in their determination to quit because they wake up at night craving a cigarette. Smokers trying to quit faced with this insomnia give up because they become worn down and cannot function the next day. There are many quit smoking symptoms, and these cause a high percentage of smokers to continue to buy cigarettes.