What does meth do to you


Meth is a highly addictive stimulant that directly affects the central nervous system. It is odorless, white colored powder which easily gets dissolved in the water and alcohol. Usually meth is bitter in taste and is in powder form. It was initially used in the nasal decongestants and bronchial inhalers. It has the long lasting effect and is harmful to health. It is legally used in some medications and also used in smaller quantities for the weight loss treatment and is illegally used in many forms.

Effects of meth

When meth is taken it creates the false sense of well being. It creates the atmosphere which makes you feel energetic. The meth will affect the body and feels like it is pushing the body further. It results into a sever crash for the drug users who intake meth. It causes mental and physical crash to the drug users. It actually does not induce any energy into the body but it controls the nervous system and makes it feel the energetic atmosphere. It can be said that the user goes into a virtual world after usage of meth.

If meth is taken continuously it reduces the natural feelings such as hunger and weight loss is experienced by those who intake meth. The sleep patterns of users is also affected and disturbed. It also results into nausea, increase in aggressiveness, hyperactivity, reduction of power and irritation. All these effects are noticed when the eth drug is not taken by the users. When the drug is taken they always remain in a completely different world. Meth also affects the body and causes some serious effects like confusion, anxiety, insomnia, paranoia and hallucinations. All these effects occur as the meth affects and controls the central nervous system. When meth is taken too much and in higher amounts it also results into death of the users.