Why does weed make you hungry instantly?


Have you ever felt that insatiable hunger? Food is the top priority for that moment. Suddenly, your stomach becomes like a bottomless pit. You can eat as much as you can. Yeah, pot makes you crave for food, at times. What causes you to behave so, when you smoke weed? Here are the technicalities presented in detailed, below.

Sensitivity to the scents will increase dramatically due to the intake of THC the major content of Weed. This aromatic extravaganza inspires the neural network to please and convince the brain that the system is starving. Powerful surges noticed in the appetite is one common phenomenon that is noticed in majority of the stoners.

This is the major reason why weed is the best medicine for those who have undergone chemotherapy. These victims find it to be a trouble to eat more. Smoking weed can make them eat more and more, quite easily. For others it could be unkind on their waistline though. THC fits comfortably into the central nervous system’s olfactory bulb. This gives the ability to smell food, with an animal instinct. This is how the stoners are led to eat more and more. Smelling and tasting food more acutely is the simple reason that a stoner gets hunger quite easily, just after burning weed.

why does weed make you hungry

These special benefits of weed, has made it to be on hot demand in the market now, especially for the medicinal purposes too. Pharmacies sell medicinal cannabis for nominal costs. 10$ per gram is the price for the medicinal cannabis that is sold in the state of Colorado in the dispensaries. It is much lesser than the illicit recreational marijuana price. Buyers do not see how much does an ounce of weed cost in the black market but love to pay the price for the high-grade stuff.